Neil Murray

Finally! It’s a work in progress, not a perfect finished site! I’ll be learning as I go along how to post news, photos, videos, old interviews etc, but I hope you’ll be patient – I’ve got so much material I could put on here, but it takes forever getting it all together, so I’ll be doing it a few bits at a time. I will try to credit photos and articles wherever possible, but if I’ve posted something on here that you’d like me to remove, please let me know.


Currently I play up to 6 nights each week in the Queen musical We Will Rock You in London, which I have been doing since it opened in 2002. I also tour and record with Snakecharmer, playing classic Whitesnake songs and originals. I do sessions and freelance gigs, and some bass masterclasses and teaching.

Get in touch with me on the Contact page or email neil@neilbass.com




9 thoughts on “Home

  1. Congratulations to your new exellent web site, Neil!
    It’s great that you finally have got your own space for all your work and experiences! I am going to have a night shift now to read the articles and to look at all of your photos. ♥


  2. Warm congratulations to the official website!
    Thank you very much for sharing your brilliant career as a fantastic bass guitarist! It’s been amazing to know your music grow and bloom over the past years. I’m so happy & really proud to be your fan. You are not only talented musician but also respectable gentleman! I wish for you all the happiness and more success in the future.
    Miyuki x

  3. Hi Neil. I owe you an apology from a night in Daytona Beach (I think the year was 1987). You invited me to a bar and acted the perfect gentleman. I on the other hand acted a fool. Perhaps with your innumerable gigs and travels it was a memory only I recall. I’m not a big user of the Internet, but so happy to see your successes and sweet face again. I send you my sincerest and heartfelt wishes for many many more years of success and a healthy life. Best Wishes Theresa

    • It wasn’t me, Theresa! I’ve never been to Daytona Beach! Maybe some member of Whitesnake met you in 1987, but I was no longer in the band at that time.

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